Tufty Ceramics is owned and operated by Karen Tufty-Wisniewski. The Tufty Ceramics kilns are located in Andover, New York. The source of shale used to make all of her wares is also owned by Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski, and is ground and formulated on site to assure highest quality. While attending Alfred University School of Ceramics, Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski developed and tested the process for the non-stick surface that is incorporated in the bakeware turned out by her company. She is sole owner of the patent for this process.

K Tufty at her shop
K Tufty at her shop
Karen Tufty-Wisniewski in front of
the Tufty Ceramics Building
At the source of the shale
used in our bakeware

Tufty Swain Ceramics began producing in 1985 in Andover, NY doing their own marketing. Tufty bought out Swain in 1991, forming Tufty Ceramics Inc. Tufty now holds a current patent on the bakeware.

Beard, Glaser and Wolfe (BGW) sold these pans through Bloomingdales and other chain stores across the United States. James Beard, one of the owners, was a famous chef, and author who made TV appearances. The pans were then called "THE BRICK OVEN BAKEWARE."

COPCO then distributed the line all across the United States, Canada and Australia. They called the pans "COUNTRY CLAY BAKEWARE."

Although the Tufty Ceramics building was partially destroyed by fire in November, 1995, Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski has completely re-built her location, and has expanded to include a shale grinding facility. During the re-building period, Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski was able to continue order fulfillment with the generous assistance of Alfred University, who lent her the use of their kilns.

In addition to her line of quality bakeware, Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski also designs art pieces by commission, including mugs, vases and other assorted items. These items are available by contacting Ms. Tufty-Wisniewski here. They can be viewed by clicking here.